Who are you?  How do you work? Who are your  clients? How do you charge?


Well, first of all, we are not a global design conglomerate, a techno-design consortium or loose collaboration of "artistes".  What we are is talented and creative people with no tolerance for mediocrity.

Our foundations are in the visual world, but we have been applying those skills to marketing communications projects for over 15 years.  We started in the business of creating images for various marketing and advertising applications, and over time, clients asked us to do more - help with trade show signage, oversee brochure design and production, put together presentation slides for a big meeting.

Thus, Communication Architects was born.

Who We Are

The principal architect at our company is Andrea Nelson.  A degree in Architecture explains the company name, and her background in engineering, literature and art have given her an ability to deal with both the creative and technical aspects of projects.

As producer for Michael Nelson Studio, the image creation side of the business, her ability to "get it" when clients discussed their needs and her attention to detail earned the respect and trust of many.  Soon, she was overseeing production of marketing communication and sales materials and personally developing custom imaging solutions and presentations for corporate clients.

The rest of the "we" at CA is a talented pool of independent individuals who bring their specialized skills to each project - photographers, designers, writers, videographers, printers, marketing strategists, etc.  The best team for each project is put together depending on each clients needs.

Work Process

Even though the visual component is a large part of what we do, we always begin by listening.  No matter what the project, we need to understand your message in order to devise the best way communicate it.

Whether you need a new brochure, a large presentation from scratch, or a just visual makeover on an existing piece, we'll work with you to bring consistency to your message and maintain your brand.  We identify who your audience is, key points you want to make, and what the goal of the piece or presentation is.  We also discuss your budget to see if it is line with your goals.

Next, we take a look at the elements that we need, what already exists, and what needs to be created: copy/script, photography, logos, graphic elements, audio and video files, etc.  Also, we discuss acceptable quality for artwork and digital files - electronic and printed media have vastly different requirements.

After we agree on a course of action, a timetable, approval procedures, and a budget, we start assembling the pieces, get your feedback and revisions, and deliver the final product.


A few clients who have worked with Communication Architects are:



"Andrea is breath of fresh air to work with: creative, talented, flexible, professional, mindful of deadlines, a problem solver. 

She listens well, and turns around solid, five-star work. I do not hesitate to recommend her and would gladly work with her again and again.”

Karen Cigala, Associate Marketing Campaign Manager
Constant Contact

"It was so easy to work with Andrea. She took my very rough vision of the final product and brought amazing concepts and design to the table. She did all of the thinking for me and very quickly turned out a conference package that was second to none! I will definitely use Andrea’s talents in the future."

Michelle McKinney, Operations Project Manager
Grocery Outlet Inc.

“Andrea Nelson is unlike any creative talent I've ever worked with. She offers the perfect mix of outstanding technical skills with a wonderful creative mind. I've depended on her several times to develop powerful visual images that communicate in a clear, concise way. She is a joy to work with, a team player who has the confidence to suggest alternative solutions without ever seeming to be a know-it-all. If you need a visual communications artist who takes pride in her work and won't settle for "good enough," hire Andrea.”   Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative    May 15, 2007

Marilynn T. Mobley,  Senior Vice President & Strategic Counsel

Edelman PR

“Andrea is a wonderful business partner with exceptional client focused communication. The final product of key presentations and other media is first class. I strongly recommend Andrea to any executive that needs creative high quality media for key events and presentations.” Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative  January 1, 2008

Tom McMahon, Region Vice President
Starbucks Coffee Company

“Andi Nelson (Andrea) has consistently delivered a quality design product for my business.  She listens to my needs, really internalizes what we are trying to communicate to our clients, and then works diligently to get the work done in a timely and high-quality way.  She is collaborative, responsive and incredibly thoughtful.  Andi and her team consistently make our jobs easier and make us look fantastic to our clients” 

Patty Klingbiel, President & Principal,

Connell + Associates

"Andrea is a true professional in this business. Her work product is excellent. She has the ability to understand the technical side of your business along with having the creative aptitude to make your information and ideas jump off the page for maximum impact to your core audience/targets.

Andrea is also extremely personable and easy to work with. She exudes integrity in all that she does which I believe to be a very important factor when looking for a vendor to work with on very delicate information.

Overall, I strongly recommend Andrea to anyone that needs high quality creative work for key events and presentations." 
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity     July 30, 2008

Chris Harrer, Director, Visual and Graphic Communications
The Zyman Group

“Since the very first project Andrea and I worked on together, she's been not only unbelievably reliable as a designer but develops the most creative ideas to wow our clients. I look for reasons to partner with her- she's just that good!” Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity  November 21, 2007

Michelle Hayes, Home, Lifestyle & Luxury Brands Public Relations Professional 
Edelman PR

”Andrea Nelson has been creating effective client presentations for over five years. She has a unique ability to translate needs into tangible results. Best of all, her work is consistently on-time and within budget constraints. I could not recommend her more highly.”

James H. Drummond,  Vice President & General Manager

Minelab USA, Inc.

And author of the best-selling, “Marketing’s 10 Deadly Sins and How to Avoid Them”


To learn more about our rates and fees, please email or call us (404-697-5410) and we will be happy to email or fax our rates and fees structures.